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Unwilling to cede decades of hard-won advances, local man Roger Cannon’s persistent anxiety vowed Monday that it would not let clinical depression muscle in on any of its turf. “Look, I’ve had a vise-grip on this guy for 30 years, so I’m not about to roll over now and let some despondent feelings and an overriding aversion to activity waltz in and take over his emotional state,” said the mental disorder, adding that it would “crank up” Cannon’s irrational worrying, restlessness, and agitation to drive depression out of its territory once and for all. “Roger’s mental condition is my domain. And if all-encompassing thoughts of hopelessness and inadequacy think they can parade around like they own the place, trust me, they’ve got another thing coming.” The neurosis then promised that it wouldn’t make the same mistake it did in 2011, when it briefly let its guard down and disastrously allowed happiness to take hold.
The Onion, “Man’s Anxiety Not About To Let Depression Muscle In On Turf”
From a novelist’s perspective, the ability to cycle through all the possibilities and choose the worst is very helpful.
John Green on anxiety, via The New Yorker
Anxiety is the sensation of being afraid all the time, but not even knowing what you are afraid of.
Andrew Solomon’s Ted Talk on depression
We’re more accustomed as readers to the memoir model, where depression — or addiction, or even ordinary anxiety — appears as a monster from the past, one against which you still have to bolt the door every day, but one that’s not there right now, not interfering with your writing about it, not writing about it with you.
Linda Holmes, “Present Tense: Allie Brosh, Donald Glover, And Hurting Right Now”
When you have anxiety, you want to be able to walk down the street and have nobody look at you. New York is as close as you’re gonna get to that.
Esther Reed, quoted in the Rolling Stone article “The Girl Who Conned the Ivy League”
I’m a very panicky guy, and I worry a lot. That’s where my brain goes. There’s a dread thing that I have to fight on a daily basis. When I think about having a baby, I go right from “Yay, a baby!” to “OH MY GOD IT’S NOT BREATHING!” There’s nothing in between those things.
Marc Maron on Fresh Air
Here’s a fun anxiety thing that happens to me sometimes. I’ll be asleep and then all of the sudden I’ll feel like I can’t breath, and there’s that moment where your body is paralyzed, and I jolt awake with my heart pounding, like, I’m gonna die!
Chris Hardwick, on The Nerdist podcast
Tim’s the kind of guy who is forever second-guessing his behavior, as if the people in his life are constantly scrutinizing every single move he makes, and he’s completely correct about that—we are. Anytime he’s been petrified at the thought of social interaction or obsessively reexamined something he’s said, his fears have been entirely reasonable, given our nonstop monitoring of his behavior.
The Onion: Anxiety-Ridden Man Rightly Ashamed of Every Single Thing He Does
Anxiety will get you out of bed. Depression will keep you in it.
Marc Maron
It’s going great, but there is this weird lack of drama that activates this thing in my brain that tells me, you obviously aren’t paying attention because you should be worrying about shit.
Paul Gilmartin
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