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I have to believe that no matter what size I am or what caused me to be that way, I will find that man; the man that looks into my gorgeous face and sees my gorgeous personality, and wraps his arms around my fat body.
Samantha Webster, “It Happened to Me: My Tumor is Keeping Me from Finding Love”

I’ve been where you’ve been. And my tactic for dealing with it was to become the most chill, patient, forgiving, understanding, laid back, relaxed, cool girlfriend EVER. I will KNIT this thing back together with the POWER OF MY MIND and the STRENGTH OF MY CHARACTER.

I will show you that BEING THE BIGGER PERSON and LETTING YOU BE YOU and NOT GETTING HUNG UP ON PETTY STUFF (monogamy, planning where I will live in the future) is the way to happiness!

And when my needs come into conflict with what is actually happening, I will teach myself not to need those things anymore. I will sacrifice them on the altar of TRUE LOVE. Our relationship will be like a constant audition where I strive only to show the best, prettiest, least messy parts of myself to prove that we should be together! I will also use LOGIC and REASON. Pro & Con lists are romantic, right? Long late night talks with crying are romantic, right?

Captain Awkward #535: Forgiveness, patience, and other traps
Nobody gets a soulmate. It don’t happen. All you gonna get in life, if you’re lucky, is a mate. Just a mate. Somebody you fuck, go to a movies with. You fuck, go to another movie. You fuck, go to the comedy show. You fuck, go to your grandmamma’s house. You fuck, go to your mamma’s house. You fuck, go see another movie. And somewhere in between fucking and movies, he goes, “Wanna get something to eat?” And that’s all relationships are. They ain’t that complicated, just fucking and eating. If you don’t like fucking somebody, and you don’t like eating with them, y’all don’t need to be together. And the longer you’re with somebody, it’s more eating and less fucking.
Chris Rock
You know, it’s funny, generally when men refer to their exes as “crazy” what I keep hearing is “she had emotions, and I did not like that”.
Lady, You Really Aren’t “Crazy”
So many of my relationships just turned out to be a phase the other person was going through. I’m a stepping stone into something healthy. I’m a grand emotional experiment to see if they can wrangle the neurotic, angry Jew.
Marc Maron
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